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Liz Hoops Large- Dark/Natural


Grande Color Block Earring- Pink/Kelli Green


Color Block Hoop Earring- Med Tan/Black


Lg Liz Earring in Silver/Gold


Liz Lg Hoop Gold/Silver


Med Liz Hoop Silver/Gold


Med Liz Hoop Gold/Silver


Linked Bangle Bracelet


Omega Bracelet


Triple Chain Bracelet


Whimsical Nutcracker Earring


Jeweled Christmas Tree Earrings


Frosty Beaded Earring


Rhinestone and Pom Pom Trees


Festive Christmas Trees


Pearl and Rhinestone Pink Santa Hats


DOORBUSTER Bubble Balloon Initial Necklace


Slide Along Earring-Silver


Circle of Silver Earring


Birthday Cake Earrings


Aitana Small - Laura Davila


Aitana Earring - Laura Davila


Anne Earring - Laura Davila


Go Get Em' Tiger Earrings


Red Huggie Earring


Bamboo Huggie - Red


Clio - Laura Davila


Anne Mini - Laura Davila


Lia 3D Hoop - Laura Davila


Birthday Beaded Balloons


Happy Birthday Earring


Erin Gray -14K Gold Filled Paperclip 18"


Erin Gray -2mm 14K Gold Filled Waterproof Bracelet 16 in


Erin Gray -3mm 14K Gold Filled Necklace 18 Inch


Erin Gray -3mm 14k Gold Filled Waterproof Necklace


Erin Gray -Karma Glitter 3mm


Erin Gray - Karma 4mm Waterproof Bracelet


Erin Gray -Montauk 14K Gold and Pearl Bracelet


Erin Gray -Color Crush Newport 3mm Bracelet


Erin Gray -Newport 2mm Waterproof Bracelet


Erin Gray -2mm Harbor Waterproof Bracelet


Erin Gray -Color Crush Harbor Bracelet 3mm